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China Dog Festival

The Yulin-China Dog-Torture “Festival”

Yes, China has a festival each year to celebrate torturing of dogs before they are killed.  About 10,000 dogs are killed in about one week. Many dogs are kidnapped, stolen from their owners, then tortured, killed, and eaten. Imagine if that were your dog.

You can see some of the torture on the internet. Some people are organizing petitions to stop this exercise of evil, celebrating one of the worst traits of some people, namely torture of a living thing.

Western countries evolved over the last 1000 years to the point where such practices are banned and punished in many civilized countries. Apparently, China is still in the ‘dark ages,’ where torture of living things, whether animals or human beings, are not only allowed, but celebrated.

If you want to see the stage of civilized development of a country, just look at how they treat life of defenseless animals. The most developed societies treat animals best.

Shame! Xi Jinping should demonstrate to the world that China is not this primitive monster of the Dark Ages by banning this ‘festival.’

Here is one organization that is trying to change this horrible practice.