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Will Europe As We Know It Cease To Exist?

The fertility rate is most important, but most people treat the numbers as a curiosity. Well, Europe, Japan, and eventually even China, will see their cultures shrink into oblivion.

fertilityIt is estimated that a fertility rate of 1.8, i.e. 1.8 children per couple, is “irreversible.” The Fertility Rate of Europe is currently 1.38, already below that estimate of 1.8. Europe will eventually cease to exist…at least with Europeans.

Who will take their place? The descendants of the current so-called refugees.

90% of immigrants into Europe are Muslims. Their fertility rate is close to that of rabbits, 8.1 per couple.

In Southern France, there are now more mosques than churches.

In the Netherlands and in Belgium, 50% of new-born are Muslim.

Germany has issued a statement: “The decline in the German population can no longer be stopped. The downward spiral is irreversible.”

Look at this amazing video and see how the world will change over the next several decades.

Germany runs out of pepper spray:

German citizens are not allowed to own guns. But they can buy pepper spray (MACE). German’s are buying pepper spray, but stores have run out because of a 600% sales increase.

That was before the recent terrorist attacks and rapings of German women on New Year’s Eve by some of these refugees. These sex-deprived ‘migrants’ feel totally protected. One ripped up his resident permit in front of the TV cameras saying he was “invited by Merkel” and he could get a new one the next day.

This is the type of people that will be coming to your neighborhood in the US, thanks to Washington. The heads of several Federal agencies in Washington say there is no way to properly vet these people.

The most googled words on Germany’s internet are “pepper spray.”

The incredible stupidity of Germany’s prime minister Merkel to let a million “refugees”, many of them being terrorists, into the country will change Germany forever. Citizens recognize the danger, politicians don’t. Germany is a country of law and order. The refugees don’t even know that concept.