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Turkey’s Emperor Dictates To The European Union (EU)

Turkey has been trying to be a member of the EU for a long time. It has always been rejected for obvious reasons. But now, with Germany’s Angela Merkel in the lead, Turkey’s self-proclaimed emperor, Recep Erdogan, is no longer asking the EU nicely for concessions, but demanding.

In return for Turkey allegedly reducing the flood of Syrian refugees from Turkey to the EU, who are attracted by the generous welfare benefits, Erdogan is demanding billions of euros in aid and visa-free entrance to the EU by 80 million Turks.

Turkey now has about 2.5 million Syrians who will probably be included, unofficially. That opens the EU countries to a flood of terrorists, because inside most EU countries people could travel without passports, although some countries like Austria have changed that recently. Travel has become more restrictive. However, most EU countries are reluctant to re-impose visa and passport systems.

Proponents of the plan to agree to Turkey’s demands say these visas are only for 3 months and that there is no evidence to suggest that these ‘visitors’ would not go back to Turkey in that time frame. Naïve? Of course, the tourists would go back. But would the terrorists?

A well-known German cartoonist, who specializes in political satire, was arrested and is being prosecuted by German authorities for a cartoon allegedly criticizing Merkel’s bowing to Erdogan. The arrest is based on a law from the 1800’s. People are upset that Merkel is now apparently taking orders from Turkey.

And so the idiotic governmental policies around the world are progressing. The stupidity is mind-boggling. The ancient Greeks may have had it right, believing that human beings are just being toyed with by the gods. Life is just a theatre play. And we are the involuntary participants.

But most Americans don’t care about all this. They are lulled into complacency by their music devices, smart phone messages, and videos from their friends. And more intelligent people looking for true news on the TV channels are fed the 24/7 political opinion about the presidential contenders.

The average American doesn’t get any news from around the world except for five second headlines. Only those who go to the foreign TV networks find out that some extremely important things are happening that will affect their lives.