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Sea Temperature Soars to Records Highs

Sea temperatures have been soaring to record highs, shocking plenty of environmental experts. Here’s what Michael Snyder from The American Dream blog had to say on the matter:

Ocean temperatures continue to rise, and scientists are extremely alarmed as a mass die-off of sea creatures appears to be imminent. 

This week, environmental experts were stunned when ocean water off of the San Diego coast hit an all-time record high of 81.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Daily measurements began all the way back in 1916, and since that time a higher ocean temperature has never been recorded off of the California coast. 

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Studies have shown that ocean temperatures have been rising rapidly all over the planet, and this has already had a devastating impact on many ecosystems. The oceans are the foundation of the food chain, and if sea life starts dying off on a massive scale it could mean unprecedented famine all over the planet.

So I hope that people out there are taking this very seriously. Our planet is going through dramatic changes, and the numbers don’t lie. The reading of 81.3 degrees off of the San Diego coast was confirmed by two separate buoys

Two buoys off the coast of San Diego last week recorded what researchers believe could be the highest temperature ever measured in California waters.

A sea-surface temperature of 81.3 degrees was logged Thursday by both the Torrey Pines buoy (7.3 miles offshore) and the neighboring Scripps Nearshore buoy (.7 miles from the coast). The buoys are two of 25 managed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California.

81 degrees may not sound that high to you, but it is extremely unusual.

Scientists blame this rise in sea levels either on ‘global warming’ or increasing volcanic activity across the globe. We can’t do anything about either.

The government has also been spraying reflective chemicals from high-altitude airplanes to allegedly fight global warming. This program was started under the previous president and his ‘climate czar’ Holdrem. He said with a smile in a video on YouTube that they may someday find that the side effects are worse than what they are trying to cure.

And indeed, it may be. The spray contains nanoparticles of aluminum, which is highly toxic to the brain, especially when combined with the fluoride in our drinking water as it forms aluminum fluoride. The spray also contains barium and other minerals which are considered bad for living beings.

The spray forms the “chem trails” in the sky, which many people think are condensation trails of airplanes. Search the term on YouTube and see the poisonous trails in the sky for yourself.

We have said that this is bad science. Apparently the “scientist” in the White House thought that the aluminum spray would deflect the heat of the sun’s rays, thus making it cooler.

However, it’s more likely that because the spray cannot possibly cover the entire earth, the heat of the sun, which is mostly UV rays, gets to the earth and is reflected back upward.

Thus, UV radiation from the sun is reflected from the seas and earth as infrared (heat) radiation which cannot penetrate the aluminum spray when it hits that. And thus we get a greenhouse effect, actually making the earth much hotter.

Therefore, it appears that Holdren’s chuckle about the cure being worse than the disease could have been correct as we wrote at the time. Yes, junk science can be dangerous.