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Trouble at the Tarmac in China

When the world leaders arrived at the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, China on September 2, all the dignitaries had a red carpet on the stairs exiting the airplane…except President Obama of the USA. He had a stairway just like the rest of us commoners who are tourists or business people…no carpet, just metal and plastic.

The video was seen around the world.

This incident produced an argument between an Obama staffer and a representative of the Chinese government. He was recorded on video saying, “This is our country, and this is our airport.” In other words, “don’t tell us what to do.”

Obviously, the Beijing leadership was sending a message: “Don’t pressure us as you have done with Japan for decades. You cannot push us around.”

This may have been in retaliation for the US blaming China for hacking into US computer systems, or pressuring China on its quest to claim ownership of disputed islands in the South China Sea, which is upsetting nations like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan. The US has become a paper tiger. No one considers the US a strong world power anymore.

Whether that is good or bad is for others to decide. However one thing is certain, if you can no longer be a strong military power because the best generals have retired, you need the best diplomates you can find to negotiate with other countries. We have neither.

See the full video here: