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Tired Of Having A Job? Move To Sweden As A “Migrant”

What’s not to like? Get free housing, free medical and dental care, free education, and food subsidies. No wonder there is a rush of migrants from Africa and the Middle East to live in Sweden.

The problem the government of Sweden may not have realized yet is that the small population of Swedes can’t possibly support millions of people who don’t want to work.

Last year, it was said that out of 160,000 migrants in Sweden, only 500 were working. In the meantime, the elderly in Sweden who are poor have to wait three years to find housing.

How can the government think this can work? Once it becomes unaffordable, and the remove some of the benefits, there will be violent riots by these migrants.

Europe is on the way to self-destruction. Blame the citizens who don’t rise up and let their voices be heard. The government of Sweden puts out false statistics that show a decline in crime. Other European governments are doing the same. On February 25, 2017 a car drove into a crowd of shoppers in Heidelberg, Germany. He ran away, holding a knife. He was shot, but not killed, later by the police. The media, although not knowing any facts yet about the driver, not even his age, name, or nationality, immediately said “it was NOT terrorism.” Are those journalists smarter than the police in their determination?

Below is an excerpt from an interesting article on Sweden’s problem.

….In addition, also since July 2013, illegal immigrants have the right to state-funded health care, dental care, contraception counseling, and maternity care, as well as care in case of abortion. The illegal immigrant is also entitled to transportation to and from health care facilities, and also an interpreter. All children, in fact, who are living illegally in Sweden are offered the same health care and dental care, and under the same conditions, as children who are Swedish citizens.

The strange thing is that illegal immigrants pay lower fees for their medical and dental care than Swedish citizens pay. This is something that has upset many Swedish senior citizens, as 355,000 Swedish senior citizens live below the European Union’s poverty line. It is not certain that these senior citizens can afford dental care at all, while at the same time, illegal immigrants receive dental care by paying a fee of $6 (50 SEK).

In Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, the children of illegal immigrants receive full income support, and illegal migrants who have children have their entire rent paid by the municipality.

Since January 1, 2016, Sweden also has a law that offers children free medication. This law also applies to children seeking asylum in Sweden and children in Sweden illegally.

Children who come to Sweden and receive a residence permit further have the right to a “survivor pension” (efterlevandepension) if their parents have died. If the parents have never worked or lived in Sweden, the child will receive $167 (1477 SEK) per month, or $335 (2954 SEK) per month, if both parents are deceased. This is paid by the Swedish Pension Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten).

These are just some of the economic and social benefits that both legal and illegal migrants receive as soon as they set foot on Swedish soil.

So, if you live in an African country and want your child to go to school, Sweden will provide free education for your children, whether you have permission to stay in Sweden or not. If you are sick and cannot afford to go to the hospital, Sweden will provide free health care, whether you have the right to be in Sweden or not.

Recently, the city of Malmö bought 268 apartments with the taxpayers’ money, so newly arrived migrants would have a roof over their heads. But at the same time, Swedish citizens have to wait more than three years in line to rent an apartment in Malmö. The reason that people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq cross the entire European continent to come to Sweden is because Swedish politicians have given them every reason to come. From the day that a newly arrived migrant enters Sweden, the authorities at all levels of government throw money at him, with access to free health care and education. Why shouldn’t he come? Sweden’s current policies offer a free ticket to a better life for all poor migrants who come to Sweden, and the Swedish taxpayer foots the bill.

While migrants get all these benefits, there are not many obligations. Sweden is a multicultural society. This means that many of the migrants do not feel any loyalty to the Swedish culture, but retain their own culture within Swedish society. While Swedish taxpayers are forced to fund all these benefits for illegal and legal migrants, the migrants do not have to adapt to Swedish way of living. Instead, the Swedes not only have to pay for the migrants, but also seem required to adapt to them.

Those who tell us that the “poor children” need a home should consider there are officially 3 billion children in the world in families living in poverty. Can any country absorb that many? That is about 10 times the entire population of the USA.

Doesn’t it make more sense to help these people where they live, where everyone speaks their language, shares their customs, etc.?

When people are uprooted from their culture, they will blame all of their problems on the new society around them. It’s human nature. For some people, they express that as anger. Others as vandalism. And some as terrorism.

Look at how many terrorist attacks have been carried out by the second generation of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The difference in culture festers. And those who have a problem assimilating, turn to vengeance.

Helping the less fortunate is admirable. But the unintended future consequences must be considered first. Bleeding hearts often create blood in the streets.

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