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Terrorism Shocks Germany

Germany is the economic power of Europe. It’s the only significant country in Europe with financial stability.

Germans don’t revolt against their government easily. That’s what allowed Hitler to take full control and keep it, in spite of three assassination attempts against him. But now an increasing number of Germans say to their politicians, “we have had enough of your policies.” The move to the right is evident.

The terrorist attack by a truck on the Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 shoppers, was the ultimate. Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, can be blamed directly for the insane policies of letting 1 million unvetted “migrants” into the country. She has not apologized. Even ISIS declared that they would use the flood of migrants to get its own terrorists into European countries.

Instead, Merkel announced she will run for a 4th term next year. You see, even elected politicians never want to leave the position of power. Some have to be carried out.

She doesn’t know the wise slogan, “quit while you are ahead.”

We predict in Germany’s next election, she will lose and be forced to retire. Then she will have to live under the mess she has created.

A German, Martin Schulz, president of the EU Parliament, has just resigned. It is expected that he did this to run against Merkel next year in Germany for Chancellor.

She is being severely criticized for her refugee policy, which has caused disarray and soaring crime in peaceful Germany. We remember years ago when the worst violence you might see in the newspaper was a fight between two “guest” workers from Eastern Europe injuring each other with knives. No guns! No Germans involved! It was very peaceful.

Now we read about bombings in German shopping centers, mass shooting and killings, rapes, all committed by those let into the country as “refugees.”

Chancellor Merkel also supported the very unpopular Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US. It is called a “free -trade agreement” but is anything but that. Important parts of the TTIP have been kept secret.

She grew up under communism in East Germany. The current President of Germany is also from East Germany. Anyone raised as a child under communism will never lose the adverse effects of indoctrination. Her policies are not those of the future. Europeans are increasingly wanting change from the destructive policies of their ‘politically correct’ governments.

An old ‘wisdom:’ Common sense is like deodorant: The people who need it most never use it.