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Rubio Shows Why He Can Never Be President

At first many people liked Marco Rubio when he first became presidential candidate. We did as well. Then we saw the defects appearing.

Now, months after he dropped out, we see an increasing number of signs of why he should never be a presidential candidate again. The confirmation hearing of the Secretary of State designate Tillerson is an example.

Here is what Mish Shedlock wrote:

Rubio Makes Ass Out of Himself

During the hearing, Mr. Rubio showed the committee a list of political opponents of Mr. Putin who had died, grilling Mr. Tillerson on whether those individuals had been killed on the orders of the Russian president, and whether Mr. Putin should be classified as a war criminal.

When Mr. Tillerson replied that he needed more access to classified information to form a judgment, Mr. Rubio shot back: “None of this is classified, Mr. Tillerson. These people are dead.”

If there is information, not allegations that Putin killed those people, let’s see it.

Tillerson’s non-rush-to-judgment is precisely what the US needs as Secretary of State.

His responses weren’t perfect. But no one else’s would have been either.

OUR VIEW: Americans have realized through experience that it’s best to avoid the career politicians. They cannot identify with the hard-working Americans who greatest worry is to pay the rent and put food on the table. Rubio’s statement above shows his ignorance. When someone is dead, you investigate who did it. It is not intelligent to jump to conclusions without any evidence. Tillerson’s answer was totally correct.