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Reasons Americans Voted For Big Change

Reasons Americans Voted For Big Change

Here is a sampling of why Americans voted for a big change in Washington. They decided that the country was on the wrong path and that a 180 degree turn was required to prevent the demise of our great country.

  • Nuclear Iran deal:

The nuclear deal with Iran has been very controversial. Our Washington leaders signed a nuclear deal with Iran, making it a nuclear power in the world in 10 years or less. Iran will do “self inspection.” Yes, Iran will inspect to assure that they are complying to the agreement.

The agreement is being sold to Americans as the signature of Iran guaranteeing peace. Don’t they realize that a signature means nothing to dictators?

How did the US negotiator with Iran, the US Secretary of State, get rolled over by the Iran? Why are the side-agreements with Iran considered ‘confidential,’ and will probably never be released by Washington for Congress to see, although Congress is voting on the agreement with Iran?

Read this shocking revelation:

Note even the US prisoners in Iran’s horrible prison were made part of the agreement, although any un-conflicted American negotiator could easily have insisted on that.

The Congress totally failed its responsibility when it voted on the voluminous Obamacare, and followed Pelosi’s order “to vote for it and then we will show you what’s in it.”

Congress did it again. There is no one in Washington looking out for the interests of the America. And this is why Trump is so popular.

  • A White House priority:

Read this astounding article below about Muslim truck drivers who refuse to deliver beer and get $240,000. Apparently, truck drivers can now decide what cargo to carry in the trucks they drive. Don’t they realize that this reduces their job opportunities?

  • Politically Correctness Gone Berserk:

– At Mercer Island School, they have prohibited the game of “tag” because it is violent. It involves contact. Parents are in an uproar. Now the school may allow flag tag, which means pulling a handkerchief.

– A group of Muslim parents at a US school insisted on a school holiday for Muslim holidays. The school refused. A Muslim woman said on the microphone, “we will soon be in the majority.” Of course, we could have a school holiday for every religion, but there are 4,200 religions. There wouldn’t be any days left to open the schools.

– You know that your passport has a space for the names of “father” and “mother.” Without any publicity, the US State Department has now changed this to “parent #1” and “parent #2.” You have to fight with your mate for who is which number.

– Now Russia and China have sent military aid to Assad of Syria. This means that eventually, the former two countries, in coordination with Iran, will be in control of an important part of the Middle East. For about 100 years, the US was the leader of the world. The US relinquished that leadership, which created a vacuum. The laws of physics say that a vacuum will tend to be filled. It is China and Russia that will fill it.

– The US Treasury has a department called OFAC (Office for Foreign Asset Control). It can put you on their black list for being a terrorist, without your knowledge or ability to say that there was a mistake in their name. They just take part of your name. If your middle name is the same as a terrorist, all your assets may be frozen, you may not be able to get credit, not be able to get a job. There are now over 6000 people on that list.

Aljazeera America, a great news network, had the story. Imagine how this can be used against any critic of the leadership. A spokesman for OFAC said that the great part is that your assets can be frozen and “you can be locked out of the US financial system.”

Medical researchers should see if a virus has been released that makes people, especially politicians, go crazy. How can these things happen in the US?

By the way, it’s getting hard to get serious news from US TV. For international news, try the BBC, DW (Germany) or RTAmerica.

  • Your Health: GMO Labeling

The food industry and the makers of GMO plants, such as Dupont and Monsanto, have been successful in “convincing” a number of members of Congress of voting for a bill, HR 1599, that would “prohibit labeling of GMO foods.”

Yes, manufacturers and even states would be prohibited from labeling or requiring labeling. They don’t want you to know that the product could be dangerous to your health.

Here is what one Congressman who is in favor of labeling, writes:

“H.R. 1599 is an unprecedented corporate power grab, which would not only stop the Food and Drug Administration and states from labeling GMOs but also block many state and local efforts to protect farmers and the public from threats including pesticide drift. People deserve to know what’s in their food.

More than 90 percent of Americans want GMO labeling, according to recent polling. Sadly — due to a lack of news coverage about H.R. 1599 — most Americans have been denied basic information about the debate in Congress. It’s time for our nation’s major news organizations to shine light on sweeping changes to our food system.”

Write your member of Congress to defeat this monster. Disclosure is the best solution to many disputes.

Here is a link to countries that require GMO labeling. Even China does.