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President Trump Announced Creation of a New U.S. Space Force

The White House has announced forming a new U.S. Space Force by 2020. Its job would be anything concerning outer space. We think it is very timely. Exploration of the universe will be a great growth industry. The private space companies like SpaceX are already talking about sending people to the moon, and even Mars.

However, the SPACE FORCE is being criticized by some, including a former US astronaut. He is making the rounds of the TV networks saying the Space Force already exists…inside the Air Force. That shows a lack of thinking about the future.

Wrong! We have a war machine now, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army. Their mission is to defend, attack, to kill. A Space Force is much broader. Instead of dealing with earth bound conflicts, it would focus on exploring the Universe.

Years ago, there was no Air Force in the US. It was part of the Army. But then visionaries saw that air combat would become ever more important. The Air Force was born.

With several trillion galaxies like our Milky Way, with tens of trillion star systems, and who knows how many planets like earth, to explore, it is small-minded to think this should not be a separate entity, eventually much bigger than anything else in government.

As technology advances with the knowledge of the universe, we must keep up with it. This is how mankind (peoplekind) has evolved. We shouldn’t stop now.

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