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President Trump and Nato

The narrative this week has been dominated by news channels insisting that President Trump’s conduct at the NATO summit has been inappropriate. All this is because he was perhaps the first president to be firm with our allies about meeting defense spending commitments they agreed upon. While the U.S. has been meeting these commitments, most of the other NATO countries have not. Apparently it is “inappropriate” to hold countries to agreements they made.

President Trump’s meeting with NATO made it clear that the US wants the 29 member nations to meet their financial commitments. He wants each EU country to spend at least the 2% of their GDP on defense. Only 5, including the US, so far meet that requirement.

The nations say they could get to 2%… in accordance with a target NATO members agreed to, by 2024. Trump says, that’s too late. It should be done now.

It is rumored that the Trump administration is evaluating the costs of transferring or withdrawing troops from Germany.  The US spends billions in these countries, defending them against potential aggression. Europe should participate more in sharing the burden.

The rumor said that one of the options is to bring home a large part of the approximately 37,000 active duty troops. Another is to move a portion of the military personnel from Germany to Poland.

It was revealed when President Trump met with NATO that Germany only has 5 fighter jets ready right now. German troop size over the years has been reduced from 500,000 to about 160,000 now. It has the strongest economy in the EU. But why spend more on defense if the US will do it for free? They are all free-loaders and the US is the sucker.

And the leftoid media in the US calls Trump’s insistence on paying their fair share as “insulting our partners.” It’s like a “friend” who always invites you to lunch, but always “forgets” his wallet. Who needs friends like that? And who watches the media that criticizes the president for doing his job exceptionally well?

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