The Contrarian

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Open Borders

The radical left, including members of Congress, are pushing for “open borders.” Do you know that means anyone and everyone can come into the US, no questions asked. And then, we, the stupid tax payers, have to support them in matters of food, housing allowance, child care allowance, education, health care, etc.

What’s not to like? Why wouldn’t we suddenly have one-two billion people from around the world coming in? But can but can the 100 million working Americans take care of them, their families, children, diseases, and the criminals?

One billion would mean that approximately each working American would see his family increase by about 10 people. Is that doable?

Why don’t we have a test: have each member of Congress lead by example and adopt 10 illegal migrants in the US.

Then ask them to remove the front door of their houses and put up a sign, “Everyone is welcome in this House. Take whatever you want, courtesy of Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Flake, Ellison, etc.”

Once all Congress people have done that, perhaps Americans could consider allowing them to pass a law for ‘open borders.’ But not before that. “Lead by the example,” we should insist.

Open borders would overload our system and cause a collapse, just as advocated by the professors, Cloward and Piven. They say only after the collapse can the system be rebuild in the image of utopian socialism.

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