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Muhammad Ali Dies from Septic Shock in Hospital

The great boxer and poet, has left us. He was not only a boxer, but a great entertainer. I would look forward to him being a guest on Johnny Carson. Do you remember who that was?

Unfortunately, we have not heard any reports on TV mention that he died in a hospital where he went for a different ailment. He had Parkinson’s.

Here is what wrote about it:

“Muhammad Ali died of septic shock, an overwhelming blood infection that is becoming increasingly common. Ali’s struggles with Parkinson’s disease for more than three decades may have made him more vulnerable, experts say.

The boxing legend’s death Friday followed five days in the hospital, where he had initially been treated for a respiratory infection and gradually worsened, news reports say.

More than 258,000 Americans die from sepsis each year and it leaves thousands of survivors with life-changing after effects, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Sepsis is the ninth leading cause of disease-related death and the most common cause of deaths in hospitalized patients in the U.S.”

Studies conclude that 251,454 deaths occur each year from medical errors. It’s the 3rd biggest cause of death in the US. But there are medical groups that say this number is vastly overstated. It depends on what you call a ‘medical error.” A 1998 study had this at around 98,000 deaths.

Sepsis is contracted mostly in hospitals. They just simply don’t clean well enough. Even some medical instruments used for colonoscopies can harm people because they are not cleaned thoroughly. Nowadays there is a machine that uses UV light to kill any germ in the room, but it is expensive and it’s cheaper not to buy it.

Many years ago, the secretary of the administrator for a large hospital told me about many incidences where doctors left instruments inside the body cavity during an operation. The key for me: find a doctor who will listen to you and your concerns. Mistakes occur when someone is “too busy” and try to avoid staying in a hospital at all cost. Homecare can be a very good alternative, and probably much cheaper.