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How the Media Deception Has Reached New Heights

The mainstream media has sunken to new lows in terms of distorting the facts in order to depict a political agenda with no basis in reality. On Sept. 12, Bloomberg had an article titled: “There’s Never Been a President This Unpopular With an Economy This Good.”

This is an outrageous headline because the numbers displayed in the article don’t support the claims at all. Here is an excerpt:

Gross domestic product expanded at its fastest clip in four years in the second quarter. Unemployment is a near the lowest since the 1960s and wages look to be finally on the rise.

What’s more, households agree that the economy is doing well, according to the weekly Bloomberg Consumer Comfort poll.

The trouble for Trump: While consumer sentiment on the economy is currently higher than the average of any president since the poll started in the 1980’s, his approval rating as measured by a separate Washington Post/ABC News survey is the lowest of the lot. That’s according to calculations by Langer Research Associates, which oversees polling for the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index.

In fact, the Comfort Index is at the highest it’s been since 2002.

Now let’s see how the radical left, including Bloomberg, have distorted the numbers.

The writers arbitrarily deducted figures from the Comfort Index in order to negatively impact the president’s approval rating with data from a highly questionable poll. There is no relationship between the two. It’s like trying to establish the number of times your car needs to be repaired with how often you have washed your car.

The chart below has no value. According to it, the better the economy is, the worse the difference is, and the worse the index looks for the President. Does that make sense?

One way to improve the result for Trump would be for the economy to do worse—it makes no sense. For Bloomberg, which had an excellent reputation before they became so political, to even show this is very sad.

Whoever came up with this chart is an idiot or someone with an agenda who wanted to come up with a headline to denigrate the achievements of the President.

The old saying goes, “Statistics lie, and liars use statistics.”

The fact remains that the president’s economic achievements have been unparalleled in modern times, but the media will go through great lengths to distort figures and facts to make it appear as if he is failing us.