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Mass Shootings-Chicago More Dangerous Than Afghanistan

One report looked at all the mass shootings in the US since 1966, where 4 or more people were killed. It excluded gang shootings.

Since 1966, i.e. in the last 52 years, there were 1,091 people killed in such shootings. As tragic as that is, that averages out to about 20 per year.

The solution for those who want to do away with the US Constitution is to prohibit guns. Yet evidence shows that even extreme gun control, as in Chicago, does nothing to stop shootings. In fact, Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan using death statistics.

On the other hand, reports show that at least 100,000 Americans die each your from mistakes at the pharmacy. They either give much higher dosages than required, or drugs with similar names, etc. That’s 100,000. Yet no one talks about closing these mass-killing operations.

Other surveys show that perhaps 500,000 die each year from important mistakes at hospitals, such as a doctor leaving instruments in the body of a patient after surgery, overdose of anesthetic because someone was not paying attention, operating on the wrong patient, etc. That 500,000 is equivalent to 10 fully loaded 787’s crashing. Wouldn’t there be an outcry?

Yet, the far let organized anti-gun rallies involving perhaps 100,000 uninformed students looking for a reason not to go to school for a day. That’s for 20 days per year.

But no one demonstrates for 100,000 annual deaths from “overworked pharmacists,” or 500,000 deaths from tired doctors or nurses, or 500,000 people dying in US hospitals through medical errors.

People ask, is there is an agenda to disarm the population? Every dictatorship does that as one of the first acts to make sure the people cannot rise up. Is that the long-term future of America?

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