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Market Manipulation, Now Via “Poll Manipulation”

Now it is revealed that polls are sometimes manipulated for personal gain…in the markets. We have always said that the polls anywhere cannot be trusted. It’s more than polls just getting it wrong; it’s a matter of doing it so special interests can make a lot of money.

The big scandal now is that the polls for the British “Brexit” vote may have been intentionally wrong. Briefly before the vote it showed that people would vote to stay in the EU. The British pound rallied sharply as a result.

But the same polling company had a private poll that showed the opposite result. That was sold to a hedge fund for $1 million. It is under investigation.

Even a top former-politician and former currency trader who we always loved to listen to may be involved.

Bloomberg is reporting on this. We encourage you to read the full story. We have always said that where hundreds of millions and billions can be made on non-public information and analysis, you can’t expect the markets to be “fair.”

In the last US presidential election, the polls showed that the female candidate was sure to win. We didn’t believe the polls as the attendance at her speeches was in the hundreds, whereas Trump had tens of thousands.

We didn’t need a poll to see that Americans loved his message of “draining the swamp.” We said only vast election fraud could cause him to lose. The results showed that the polls were wrong. So we looked at some of the people who behind the polling firms. We found that the founder of one prominent one had received money for years from the female candidate. Thus, we concluded that the poll results were designed to present the optimistic picture for undecided voters.

We think that we can expect the same going into the elections this year. Look at the turnout at his speeches across the country. The polls cannot be trusted in our opinion.

The above is not a political statement. We have not voted for GOP or Dem for decades. We only want the best person for the job.

Americans have an easy choice when you see what is happening. Radicalism is not the American way. Many of our Dem friends say that their party has been hijacked. The head of the DNC (democrat national committee) Tom Perez said that the radical young woman in NY who won the primary “is the future of the democratic party.”

She calls herself a member of the “democratic Socialists,” in our view, that’s “Marxists.” She advocates free housing and free everything. Open borders, letting even the worst criminal gangs and terrorists into the country. “It is a human right” these people say. I wonder where this “right” is written.

Intelligent members of the Dems have to make a choice, whether to support the radicals that have hijacked their party or abandon the party for now, putting the country first.

A good method may be to vote only for people whose names you do NOT recognize. Career politicians should be retired.

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