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King Of Jordan Snubbed By White House

Joel C. Rosenberg, accomplished author who has written some fascinating books about the Middle East, wrote this shocking item:  recently…

“There is growing evidence that ISIS is experimenting with chemical weapons,” and that “the number of foreign fighters [has] hit a new high.”

Last year, just 20,000 foreign fighters were operating as part of the ISIS shock troops, Fox reports. Now that number has skyrocketed to 36,000, and they come from 120 countries.

Former deputy CIA director Mike Morrell, testifying before Congress on ISIS’s development of chemical weapons capabilities, warned that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the leaders of ISIS “have made two things very clear publicly in documents that have come out. One is that if they acquire these weapons, they would use them and they wouldn’t care that the vast majority of those killed were civilians. ISIS has provided a religious justification for this.”

Yet even as the ISIS threat to the U.S., Israel and Jordan grows, President Obama recently refused to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II during the Arab monarch’s official visit to Washington. The White House said Mr. Obama was too busy.

“This is insane,” I told CBN News during my interview on Tuesday. “The King of Jordan is probably the most faithful Sunni ally that the United States has, and President Obama doesn’t have time to meet with him?”

Jordan is a Muslim nation, but the president of the US doesn’t seem to care for Jordan. That poor country’s population consists of 25% refugees from Syria. That’s very benevolent. Why not help Jordan house and feed those people?

It’s a shame and a mystery why the US no longer supports its best allies in the Middle East.