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Is Big Social Media Colluding With China Censors?

It has been revealed that Google and Facebook have secret projects under way to work with the China government to have “modified” versions of their platforms for China. Employees of Google have revealed the project, called Dragonfly, under conditions of confidentiality.

This suggests that these huge firms may be willing to aid and abet the China dictatorship to keep important news from the Chinese public.

One article said:  “Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.”

However, before we condemn the US firms, we should consider the possibility that the US social media firms are doing this in behest of US intelligence agencies to know more about China. Anything is possible.

All the media attention for the last 18 months has been on Russia and Russian “interference” in the US elections. However, there is almost total silence about a much more active and dangerous foreign hacker, interferer, and spy active in the US:  China. Surely, US intelligence knows this.

The provable Russian interference is $100,000 in ads on Facebook and some meetings of Russians with Americans, but no evidence that there was anything improper. But the media doesn’t mention the most important hack, namely that China stole the personal records of an estimated 22 million US government employees.

The Independent of the UK wrote:

Hackers from China are believed to have stolen the social security number for every US federal employee in a cyber-attack much larger than it first seemed, a union representing government workers said on Thursday.

The cyber theft of US employee personal information is larger and more damaging than the Obama administration has admitted, president of the American Federal of Government Employees, J. David Cox, said in a letter seen by the Associated Press.

Mr. Cox said that the information obtained by hackers believed to be based in China – an accusation unconfirmed by the government – went far beyond was initially reported.

The media might want to focus on the bigger danger. The China hacker activity was quickly silenced in the news. Top US government officials, and their adult children, have very close financial relationships with top China officials. Read Schweitzer’s new book, “Secret Empires.”

Imagine how this information of government employees can be used by an enemy to blackmail them with their private personal data in order to provide the enemy with governmental information!

Bottom-line: The US president is putting pressure on China on trade issues. But he knows there is much more to be done later. One step at a time.

The biggest challenge for the US and the world in the future is China. Russia could be a US ally instead of an antagonist. And that is why the US president’s unwillingness to insult Putin in the press conference in front of the world, criticized by the un-American media, was actually very smart.