Investment Solutions

Dohmen Capital & Dohmen Strategies:
Premier Solutions for Serious Investors and Traders

Our Dohmen Capital and Dohmen Strategies solutions come from our over 40 years of in-depth investment research and daily analysis of the global financial markets. Our four top services are proven to help guide investors and traders alike to make better decisions and allow them to profit in both bull and bear markets.

Bert Dohmen HedgeFolios


Dohmen HedgeFolios allows you, the investor, to manage your own portfolio with our professional guidance.

It is the perfect alternative to a managed account and ideal for portfolios of $100,000 or more.

  • YOU can replicate any or all of our five model portfolios, just with a click of the mouse.
  • YOU have complete control over your own money and account.
  • YOU know at any time what your portfolio contains.
  • YOU don’t have to send your money to a stranger.
  • YOU have no hassle, no worries, but enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have our professional guidance on your side.

Contrary to robo-investing programs, our model portfolios are not static and will have periodic updates according to the constantly changing market environment. It is foolish to think that a portfolio composition should be the same in bull as in bear markets. In fact, we think that is dangerous.

HedgeFolios adapts to changing market conditions according to our 40 years of market experience, in-depth analysis and thorough research.

During these volatile and uncertain times, HedgeFolios can take the worry out of your investments.


Bert Dohmen Wellington Letter


The award-winning WELLINGTON LETTER, now in its 40th year. Targeted toward serious investors and business executives, it has provided readers with the most accurate analysis and forecasts of the global economies and investment markets found anywhere, It has called every important market plunge over the past 39 years, often catching major turns within a day or two of the turn. His readers have prospered in bull and bear markets alike. Using sophisticated technical chart analysis and analysis of the monetary policies and credit market conditions have allowed this service to be one of the most prescient in the business.


Bert Dohmen Smarte Trader


Considered “The Premier Advisory for Active Traders,” the Smarte Trader is perfect for active traders who wish trade individual stocks, long or short.

We provide our advanced technical analysis and market timing, while offering a number of specific stock recommendations with “buy,” “sell,” and “short-selling” signals, depending on market conditions. Issued 4-5 times per week on average, you cannot find more useful, informative, and enlightening stock trading service out there.


Bert Dohmen Fearless ETF Trader


The Fearless ETF Trader is ideal for short term traders who have less time and prefer the lower volatility of ETFs.

Using our advanced technical analysis and market timing, we provide our recommendations on what ETFs to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. We also recommend inverse ETFs at advantageous times, which are terrific vehicles for profiting from a market decline or crash. Issued 4-5 times per week on average, you can profit from moves, up or down, in specific market sectors.