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International Turmoil Spreading


The United Arab Emirates would make Bernie (the candidate) green with envy. The ruler of the UAE is shaking up the government.

New positions include a Minister of State for Happiness, who will have the responsibility to drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction, and a Minister of State for Tolerance, who will instill tolerance as a fundamental value in UAE society.

Perhaps there will be an executive order this year to implement the same in the US. Hillary would be the Minister of Happiness. Biden for Minister of Tolerance, Bernie could be “Minister of Freebies.” How great it will be!


The fear that Britain may leave the EU is rising. It’s called the “Brexit.” It would be very bad for both. Britain, under Margret Thatcher, wisely decided to stay out of the currency union. But it did become part of the EU, allowing free trade across borders. Stepping out of the EU would be a step back to old days of trade wars. Europe would immediately dive into a deep recession.

The way to reform the EU is to have people vote for the leadership of the EU in Brussels. That would bring it closer to the US model. Leaving the EU would be very problematic for Europe and Britain.


Iran got $150 billion from the Washington as part of the nuclear deal. These are the people who say, “Death to America.” The same day Iran announced a deal to buy over 140 planes from Airbus, Europe’s answer to Boeing. We will see the $150 billion spent around the world, not the US.

Couldn’t Washington put a condition on that $150 billion that at least some of the money be spent in the US?

Additionally, the US Secretary of State said at Davos: The path for Iran to make nuclear weapons “has been closed off.”

He really thinks a signature on a piece of paper will do that. Iran has broken numerous agreements. Why did they insist on a 24 day notice for an inspection? That’s our leadership! That’s why Trump resonates with informed Americans.