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Infowars Website Banned—Popularity Soars

If you like it or not, this website dares bring controversial views about important topics that other media doesn’t because it doesn’t fit. Sometimes they even get it wrong. There is probably no network that doesn’t get it all right, or only brings opinions we all agree with. Our “Fake news” media gets it wrong almost every time one of their people opens their mouths.

Interestingly, Infowars website was banned by a number of major social media sites on the same day and even the same hour. Collusion? Censorship?

Yes, bookburning is so out of fashion. Now its “social media banning.”

A posting said that this:

Infowars was recently banned by YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, MailChimp, Disqus, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest and several others – leading many to wonder exactly how and why this was seemingly coordinated mass takedown took place between platforms. 

It doesn’t matter if you like Infowars or not, censorship has been considered bad since the founding of our great nation. Freedom of Speech is the First Amendment to our Constitution.

Who is to determine what should be censored and what is real news? Facebook uses amongst its arbiters of what should be banned two different organizations which many say should be censored themselves because of their radical links.

Censorship is a slippery slope. It’s mostly used by radical elements, and dictators, to shut down opinions that are contrary to their radical agenda.

Hitler used the propaganda wisdoms of Austrian-American “Father of Propaganda,” Edward Bernays. He came up with the strategy, “Tell a big lie instead of a small one because people will not believe that anyone would dare have the audacity to say it.” Or, “if you tell a lie often enough, it will eventually be believed.”

We can see how this is being implemented even today, such as “Russian Collusion.” Not a shred of evidence has been produced after one year of several hundred investigators working for the Special Counsel, spending around $20 million of taxpayer money.

We should be careful and voice our objections to social media firms, just as some of their employees are doing. We should remember the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, many in the media and the US Congress think that the Constitution is just an outdated document that belongs in the museum. But it has made the US the refuge from dictators and hope for people from around the world. It’s not perfect but it’s better than any other major country.

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