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The Importance of the French Election for All Investors

Yesterday, April 20th, A policeman was shot and killed on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, France. ISIS has claimed responsibility. The attacker had an automatic weapon.

It’s very sad that Europe has brought this problem on itself for allowing millions of unvetted “migrants” to enter their countries. They have no idea who these people are. Fortunately, the US has a new president who puts the security of Americans first.

Amaq, the news agency for ISIS, claimed the attack on the famous Parisian promenade. ISIS identified the attacker as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki. A source told CNN the attacker was known to authorities for “radical Islamist activities.”

The gunman was killed at the scene. According to CNN,

“a man emerged from the car and opened fire on the police van with an ‘automatic weapon,’ killing one officer instantly” and the suspect “then ran away, managing to shoot and wound two other policemen. Other policemen engaged and shot and killed the attacker.”

Predictably, because this will certainly help Marie Le Pen in Sunday’s elections in France, Francois Fillon, another candidate, called for a suspension of the election.

The first round of voting is to be held on Sunday. The runoff between the leaders is scheduled for May 7.

The polls say that Emanuel Macron is leading, while Marie Le Pen is at 21%, Francois Fillon at 20%, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon at 19%. The latter is the favorite of the communist party.

For investors, this election is important. It’s somewhat similar to BREXIT. The initial reaction to Marie Le Pen’s showing strength will be a market decline. Then the markets should rally. Britain is doing very well since its vote, contrary to all the skeptics, but exactly what we had predicted. Freedom brings a lot of benefits.

Marie Le Pen’s victory would cause a short term decline in the Euro, which would benefit the European stock markets for now. Then France would see a revival of enthusiasm, business vitality, and even the young people in the cafés might think about getting gainful employment.

Under le Pen, a change in immigration policies that lead to this accelerating rate of terrorism will encourage the markets. Amazingly, there are still many who support letting their countries crumble with “open borders” and immigration policies never practiced before by civilized countries. Every significant country since the dawn of history has had restrictions and requirements for foreigners entering their countries.

The migration proponents say that it is the responsibility of wealthier countries to give a home, food, shelter, education, and welfare of all types to all people from other countries who are fleeing the misery of their own countries. Most of the migrants now are from the Middle East and Africa.

Italy is swamped by such migrants coming through Libya from sub-Saharan regions. Ships of charitable organizations pick these people up on the high seas, often pre-arranged with the people “smugglers” who make a great living putting these people on boats in Libya. That only encourages more migrants.

Africa has over 1.2 billion people. Probably 99% live in daily misery. The rich 1% in their countries own everything. But can Europe take care of 1.2 billion if they all come to the major European cities? Europe only has somewhat more than 700 million people. That would be 1.5 migrants per European. Lopsided? The working people of Europe must support these migrants, all day, every day.

If the promoters of this migrant invasion feel so strongly about their agenda, why don’t they set an example and take some of these people into their own homes? They should then show the video on TV.

Kaitie Hopkins of the says that many charitable organizations are now like a ferry service from Libyan shores to Italy. Just this last week 9000 of such people came to Italy. She said that now these non-profit organizations are actually recruiting people to come from Libya and destroy Europe.

And many are, or become, terrorists. Just look at all the terrorist attacks of the last several years. Many are migrants or descendants of those who migrated years ago. Europe is creating a second generation of terrorists.

Where does the responsibility of the West end? These migrants are uneducated, unskilled, and many have no interest to learning or assimilating. In Sweden, it was found that out of 160,000 migrants, fewer than 500 have taken jobs. The rest live on generous welfare.

The poor of America should consider fleeing to Sweden. The many homeless on the streets of the US should be given one way tickets to Sweden. They would love it. They get nice, clean apartments, new clothes, three great meals per day, and education if they want it. All at no cost.

Only a few rational people say that the cause of the migration has to be solved. Create safe zones and large settlements in their own or neighboring countries. Protect them with UN Troops.

In the US, things weren’t too good for the first 100 years. But our hard-working citizens solved the problems, not by going to Mexico or Canada, but by solving the problems.

The current migrants never assimilate. And then they get resentful, with many resorting to terrorism. If these people chose not to stay in their own countries and try to make conditions better and more livable, what can they possibly contribute to a more civilized society such as in Europe.

Immigration is not a right. It is a privilege.

And that is why Europeans are waking up and starting to vote for candidates who want to end the insanity of unlimited migration. Marie Le Pen in France may be the surprise winner in May. And that will be enormously important for investors.

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