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Your Health: Big Brother Knows Best?

For about five decades, the FDA told people to eat carbohydrates like pasta and to avoid protein and natural fat.

That was found to be totally wrong. It is now accepted that avoiding carbs is the way to greater health. Dr. Atkins was right about 35 years ago, when he proposed this in his trail blazing book, “The Atkins Diet.” He explained scientifically why carbs are very bad. During my major in Chemistry, I learned that carbohydrate molecules are split into two in the body, forming sugar which is the food for cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

But the Federal bureaucracy never gives up. In their profound wisdom, on June 1, the FDA announced strict guidelines, pressuring restaurants to use less salt, according to an article from the National Review. Once again, the government is far behind accepted science. The theory that salt is bad for the average healthy person is another view from the last century. Over the past 10 years or more, it has been found to be totally wrong. In fact, too little salt can make you sick. The FDA is using twenty year old dogma.

Shouldn’t they government stay out of such issues? Shouldn’t they spend their time and our money trying to get unhealthy high fructose out of our food, or prohibiting GMO’s, or prohibiting the excessive use of hormones in livestock feed, or prohibiting MSG which is now conveniently called “Modified Food Starch” on food labels.

The science is well established that these are all very bad for our health. But the FDA is controlled by the food industry it is supposed to regulate. And our members of Congress are totally asleep on the job.

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