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French President Hollande Discloses Classified Information – Impeachment Imminent?

French President Hollande Discloses Classified Information – Impeachment Imminent?

Europe is seeing a persistent drift to the right of center after a long period of being left. France elected a leftist President several years ago, François Hollande, who now is the most unpopular president ever, with a 4% approval rating.

He now faces impeachment hearings for disclosing classified information to journalists. The French National elections take place in 2017.

Our colleague in the business, Mish Shedlock, writes this:

While the impeachment request would have to get over several obstacles and remains a long shot, the initiatives add to Mr. Hollande’s woes following the publication of a 622-page book in which the president, among other things, criticised Socialist colleagues and hoped for his party’s “hara-kiri”.

The book, A President Should Not Say That, caused outcry within Mr. Hollande’s camp, pushing his approval ratings down to a record low of 4 per cent and prompting calls on the left and right for him to rule out a second presidential bid.

In the book, Mr. Hollande also admits that he ordered assassinations for security reasons and disclosed details of plans to destroy targets held by the regime of Bashar al-Assad after allegations that the Syrian leader bombed civilians with chemical weapons.

The impeachment of a president would be unprecedented in the history of the Fifth Republic. It would need backing from another 58 members of parliament before it could be assessed by the National Assembly’s law committee and possibly brought before all MPs.

But less than six months before presidential elections, the moves highlight Mr. Hollande’s acute political weakness.

The president has been keeping his camp guessing over whether he intends to stand for a further term in office and has said he would give his decision in December.

It’s rather amazing how Obama, Bush, and now Hollande routinely order assassinations and undertake military actions for political purposes, without declarations of war, making themselves judge, jury, prosecutor, and hangman.

Yes, this is a “new world order.” The positive is that the citizens globally are fed up with crooked politicians, corruption in the highest places, being treated like a flock of sheep, and used as tools. To us this is reminiscent of 1980 when people got fed up with the same leftist agendas. That brought us Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher (Britain), Helmut Schmidt (Germany) and other great leaders.

Could it be that we are now at the start of the next silent revolution? The huge turnouts at Trump speeches suggest that. People are fed up with “business and corruption as usual.”