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fracking waste

Fracking Waste Water Injected Into Aquifers In California

State records show that in California it was allowed to inject the poisonous fracking water back into the crowd, into aquifers, where it mixes with potential drinking water.

Read the full details via Wolfstreet here.

The state calls the issuing of permits to do this a “paperwork issue.” The say “there is no evidence of it harming people.”

It’s your bureaucrats at work. Of course, the companies doing the injecting are also guilty.

But we don’t hear about this. After all, TV is much too busy with all the political garbage, of what campaign worker touched another, what candidate insulted another, and other unimportant “news items.” Serious issues are not discussed.

Americans are being dumbed down. We are not to know what is really going on around the world. We have to watch foreign TV networks now to get international news.

It’s like Rome from 100 to 300 AD, where the people were distracted from the empire’s serious problems with games in the Coliseum. Now TV serves that function.