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Is the Flu Shot Actually Healthy for Us?

It’s been the worst flu season in years.

Statistica reports that “the U.S. has been gripped by its worst flu season in years. Experts have been surprised by the intensity of the current outbreak with the infection rate around eight percent, as bad as the swine flu epidemic from 2009.”

Here is the chart:

Didn’t anyone get the flu shot? America had one of the greatest flu shot campaigns ever. All health workers are forced to get it.

We have found that many people with whom we have appointments with cancel because they are sick and have the flu. We always ask if they have or have not had a flu shot. So far, everyone had the flu vaccine.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a brain surgeon, wrote an entire issue last November about vaccines and the flu shots. He wrote that large scale tests show that people who get the vaccine have a much higher incidence of flu and he explains why.

Vaccination is a multi-billion dollar business. Read up on it. You will be surprised and you never get another vaccination knowing what’s in them, like brain-killing mercury and aluminum as preservatives.

One site is that of Dr. Mercola.