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Europe Wakes up to the Agenda of the Radical Left

In Italy, the new deputy prime minister Salvini, who is against the uncontrolled invasion from Africa, said this in a speech this weekend:

“To win we had to unite Italy, now we will have to unite Europe.” He said he is “thinking about a League of the Leagues of Europe, bringing together all the free and sovereign movements that want to defend their people and their borders.”

Europeans are waking up to the disaster caused by their lazy leaders. Their immigration policies have changed the face of Europe forever. When the older citizens die off over the next 20 years, the uninformed youth and uneducated migrants will take over. Before you know it, the world’s greatest cities will look like the worst of the emerging countries. This is how great civilizations die. A few years ago, that would have been unbelievable, now it seems ever more plausible.

The protesters, who are very unclear about what they are protesting, know one thing: they are on the side of communism or “democratic socialism” as they now call it. Their goal is to overthrow everything we consider the American way of life and decency.

Did you hear the protesters chant:  “F… your system, F… your wall, we will make your system fall.”

There you have it in their own words. Can it get any clearer? They say that their goal is for our system to fall. These marches across the country are similar to what happened in the 1930 in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even the U.S.

Rational people laugh at this. But it is time to take it very seriously. The US barely avoided disaster with the last election. This year’s election will be just as important.

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