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EU Issues Regulations on Internet Privacy

As much as we criticize the EU government for other policies, here is one regulation that Washington should copy: GDPR.

It is high time that individuals have some way to be protected against defamation and violation of privacy. For example, a favorite game of unethical lawyers is to file frivolous lawsuits with outrageously false accusations. Then they publish a Media Release, paraphrasing the false claims. That is published on P.R. websites and picked up by “news” organization like Reuters world-wide. The fact is that rephrasing the outrageous lawsuit protects the lawyer from a defamation suit.

The target in most cases is thus compelled to settle before his reputation is destroyed. In the US, there is no way that these falsehoods can be deleted. In the EU, the new regulations can force such postings to be deleted by the request of the individual.

The EU released its new rules, effective May 25, 2018. They are called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These rules are designed to enable individuals to better control their personal data, which is defined as any information relating to how a person can be identified such as their name as well as online identifiers such as their email address, their IP Address and cookies used on a website they visit.

Members of Congress should pay attention and replicate this for the US. Of course, the major Silicon Valley firms have powerful armies of lobbyists to prevent that from happening.

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