The Contrarian

“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”

Disarming America

The president announced his new Executive Action, not “order,” to make it more difficult to buy a gun. According to Senator Chafiz, the goal is not to make the country safer. If that were the motivation of the leadership, why did the White House release 66,000 illegals who were in jail convicted of crimes. Instead of deporting them, they were let out onto the streets.

Why did the leadership give thousands of assault weapons to the criminal drug cartels of Mexico, which they tried to cover up? Why are we now admitting thousands of Syrian “refugees” when top federal law enforcement officials, such as the head of the FBI, say they have no way to know who these people are and if they are here for terrorist acts?

Why did we make an unenforceable nuclear deal with a nation that even today chants, “Death to America,” and will now build nuclear weapons to use against the US and Israel. The rockets are already being tested, in violation of a UN resolution.