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Cutting The Cord

The FCC decided ON Feb. 18 that people can replace the cable box from their provider with a different box. Apparently, they would not have to pay for a bundle of channels, 90% of which they never visit. In this year’s 24/7 coverage of absolutely boring political campaign coverage, which is pushing all important international news aside, many viewers will use this as a reason to “cut the cord.”

The total cost for leasing cable boxes is $20 billion per year nationwide.

In addition, they have 5-7 consecutive ads, then about 4 minutes of content, followed by more ads. Imagine, you are paying to see ads. “Who would have ‘thunk’ it.”

Are we all nuts? I watch 5 channels about 95% of the time, two of which are foreign in order to get some international news. Amazingly, with the latter you find out that there is a big, wide world out there. Watching only US channels tells you nothing more than observing politics is a waste of time.

Do you remember the days when CNN really gave you excellent international news coverage? Even the CIA used it as a news source. CNN reporters were all over the globe. Now they save a lot of money by just having all their reporters in Washington DC, which apparently is the center of the universe to some.

Cut the cord! I found I really need only two channels. And then, for entertainment, you don’t need cable. Just get Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. For local channels, just buy a $39 antenna from Costco.

Ask yourself, we are you paying for hundreds of channels you never watch. And those you do watch, much of the content is commercials, and the rest is politics, featuring candidates who will promise anything, knowing that no one ever keeps their promises?

Many people I know have made their decisions to cut already. I have been a little slower. Cable TV companies apparently don’t recognize the tidal wave that is on its way. Therefore, the commercials roll on until there is no one left to watch them.