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Controlling The Weather With Dangerous Chemicals

A program, apparently directed from the WH in Washington, is called ‘geo-engineering.’ Apparently this is a program designed to control the weather and global warming.

Do you ever see the big, white trails at high altitudes behind airplanes in the sky? There are such things as ‘con-trails’ (condensation trails) which we all know to be normal and disappear in a few minutes. But the ‘geo-engineering’ trails last for many hours, dissipate in the sky, leaving the skies gray by the end of the day. White House science czar Holdren seems to be in charge. Other countries have joined the program.

The trails are produced by the spraying of toxic chemicals, like nano-particles of aluminum oxide. At times, over large cities, the trails resemble a game of tic-tac-toe. As brain surgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock writes, the nano-aluminum particles are so small that they penetrate the pores in your skin, enter the blood stream, and then go into the brain after they combine with fluoride from our toothpaste or drinking water. The aluminum fluoride is a very dangerous “excitotoxin” which causes dementia and Alzheimers.

Spend an hour to read up on geo-engineering on the internet. Yes, government is the biggest atmospheric pollutant in the world. Is this why we hear from people that suddenly, in a few months’ time, a family member came down with dementia and couldn’t recognize anyone. The rapid deterioration seems to be relatively new.

Google:  “geo-engineering and weather control.”