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Chem Trails: The Poisoning of America

Ten states account for about half of all legal barium released in this country. Montana came in No. 9 with 7.9 million pounds of barium. Last week we got hit five days in a row with these chem trails. I called U.S. Sen. Steve Daines’ office and they told me they received a lot of calls last week. One was from an engineer at Boeing. He said these were not contrails from passenger jets. He said these chem trails are full of dangerous toxins, and that they were making his family sick.

When these jets fly over they leave a tick-tack-toe pattern, circles or crosses. You would have to be blind or dumb not to notice them. By the end of the day the once-beautiful blue sky is clouded over with toxic chemicals that include ethylene, dibromide, nano-particulates of aluminum and barium, strontium, lithium and cationic polymer fibers with unidentified bioactive material. Nano means it is small enough to go to your brain by breathing it in or absorbed through the skin.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, who is a neurosurgeon, said nano-aluminum could cause Alzheimer’s. These chem trails can cause many health problems, from sinus, lung congestion, kidney problems to cancer.

Our government is doing this to control the weather. They have been doing this for the last six decades, but since 2009 they have greatly increased the chem trails. In fact, every country around the world is doing the same thing. You can look at satellite images and see how the chem trails have covered the whole earth.

Birds and fish are dying at an alarming rate, and bees that are so important for the life of this planet are dying. These bio-engineers are telling us that they are not sure if the chem trails are harmful, yet they keep spraying.

Congress knows all about chem trails. Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich said they are “exotic weapons.” One senator said we own the weather now. Arizona U.S. Sen. Kelli Ward came back to her home state to have a hearing on chem trails June 25, 2014. Shasta, California, had a hearing July 15, 2014. These hearings are online if you want to listen to them. Just google:  “chem trail hearings in Shasta.”