The Contrarian

“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”

Boots On The Ground writes this:

The Obama administration has quietly deployed troops to help fight in Yemen over the past two weeks, with little public attention.

Yemen now joins a series of other Middle Eastern countries in which U.S. troops are on the ground without declaration of war and approval from Congress, combating extremist groups that have benefited from U.S. policies.

The military did not reveal until Friday, May 6, that it had sent troops to Yemen. The Pentagon refused to say what kind of forces it deployed or how many U.S. troops there are, only describing it as a “very small number.”

The Pentagon says it is intervening to support its ally the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, in its fight against what is widely recognized to be al-Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate.

You don’t hear about this on our so-called “news” networks. They are too busy talking about election politics 24/7. Americans are not supposed to know the news. If you want to know what goes on around the world, you now have to go to foreign networks like BBC, Deutsche Welle (DW), or RT among others.