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Is Another Cold War With Russia Ahead?

People wonder why there is so much to do about alleged “hacking” by the Russians of the Clinton campaign emails. After all, the revelation of the emails only confirmed the corruption of the Clinton campaign. Perhaps the Russians should be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.

Experts, even those from the intelligence agencies and even critics of Trump, say there is no evidence and that it is all fabricated.

Interestingly, no one on the left talks about the true content of the emails.

The Russians have become the designated target for allegedly “interfering with the US electoral process.” The White House ejected 35 Russian diplomats as a reprisal. Interestingly, a few years ago when the Chinese hacked the US government’s employee databases and got tens of millions of sensitive personal records, we can’t recall any Chinese officials being ejected.

Thus, it appears that Russia is getting treated more severely. Now, suddenly we hear from the foreign media that the US sent 3000 troops and 80 tanks to Poland last week. That is being followed by many more, apparently up to 2800 tanks. What is that about?

The INDEPENDENT from the UK reports (an excerpt):

American soldiers landed in Wrocław, home to a key Nato and Polish air base in south-west Poland.

The troops will be followed by around 2,800 tanks and other pieces of military equipment which are being transported by land from Germany.

Nato’s latest deployment along Russia’s western border falls under Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission designed to demonstrate to Moscow Washington’s commitment to defend allies in Europe.

It has been described as one of the largest movements of US troops to Europe since the Cold War.

Prime Minister Theresa May confirms British troops to be deployed in Poland.

Lt Gen Tim Ray, deputy commander of US European Command, said: “Let me be very clear, this is one part of our efforts to deter Russian aggression, ensure territorial integrity of our allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous and at peace.”

The US troops are expected to be stationed at two training sites in western Poland in the short term before they are sent to sites at six other countries across the region.

Maj Gen Timothy McGuire, deputy commanding general of the US Army Europe, added: “This is a tangible sign of the United States’ commitment to maintaining peace on this continent.

“It is a sign of the US commitment to this alliance and to peace and prosperity in Europe.”

The US is also increasing its presence in the Black Sea and in Western Europe at bases in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Tensions between Russia and the West have been heightened since the annexation of Crimea and the war in Syria, which put Washington and Moscow on opposing sides.

Russia blames the West for worsening relations and says the build-up of Nato troops in the Baltics is a provocation.

Around 4,000 NATO troops are set be posted to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the coming months.

Britain will send an 800-strong battalion to Estonia, supported by French and Danish troops, beginning in May.

The deployment was criticized as “truly aggressive” by Moscow.

Our View:  It seems strange that the US media has a virtual blackout on this extremely important military action. The only people we have met who know about this are friends who watch international TV, such as BBC (Britain).

Yet, this seems to be similar to Russia putting missiles into Cuba. That was important!

Poland borders on Belarus, part of the former Soviet Union. What would Washington say if Russia were to send 2800 tanks to Mexico along with thousands of soldiers? Would Americans be alarmed?

Is the agenda to have another ‘cold war’ with Russia? A cold war is very profitable, and there are no soldiers dying to get American voters upset. Our war industry is looking for work. Cold wars are preferable to the questionable wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam.

Iraq had a dictator, but he was “our dictator” who kept the peace, and kept Iran at bay. After more than 3000 American soldiers died in Iraq, thousands more were maimed, and expending over $1 TRILLION, Iraq is now a mess and has fallen under the influence of Iran, it’s former enemy. The weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which “intelligence evidence” said were present,  presented with great fanfare by the Secretary Colin Powell at the UN, were never found.

Afghanistan was a war to fight the expansion of the Taliban. Yet now they are much stronger then when the US went into the country. Vietnam was justified by the “domino theory” that if Vietnam would fall to communism, all of South-east Asia would follow. Communists won that war, and the dominos did not fall. Hundreds of billions of profits were made in that war. A small Texas construction firm that had financed the local politician Lyndon Johnson throughout his career turned into a multi-billion dollar enterprise because of all the non-bid contracts to build the military bases in Vietnam.

People still don’t know why we had those wars, killing millions of innocent civilians in the process. Remember, in President Eisenhower’s farewell address, he warned about the “military-industrial complex.”

It was faulty and even fake “intelligence” that got us into those wars. The “Domino Theory” in Vietnam which didn’t happen, the WMD’s in Iraq which were never found, and the threat posed by Afghanistan’s Taliban, as if they were going to invade the US.

Currently, the ‘intelligence’ is that of Russian hacking, without any evidence. Is history being repeated? Sending US tanks and US soldiers into Poland “to combat Russian aggression” could be a clue that something is afoot.

And most worrisome is that this is happening days before the presidential inauguration. Is the agenda to bring it to a boil before that? Or is it to fuel the fires for a future “cold war?” Either way, this should not be taken lightly.

Here is an extremely interesting article to give some perspective on the topic: