The Contrarian

“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”

The 80% Increase in SNAP Cards

The SNAP program is for “low income” families. Low income means you either have no skills, or you don’t like to work. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not able to work.

Currently there are 44.3 million Americans, or 14% of the entire US population, getting SNAP. Before the financial crisis, there were fewer than 25 million people in the program. That’s an 80% increase. Some states have made single people ineligible. That’s the surfer who buys lobster and beer with his SNAP.

We believe that the long-term rising trend of people on welfare will continue. An 80% increase is now the new normal. The next recession may see 75-80 million people getting the SNAP card.

Those are the ones that learned no usable skills in school, except for “How to get along”, “How to determine if you feel like a man or a woman each day so you know which bathroom to use”, “How to detect micro-aggression”. Oh yes, some colleges now have person in charge of this. A ‘micro-aggression’ is when you compliment someone on their nice dress, shoes, etc. because it is not important how you look and it will make someone else feel bad. Imagine! Is the U.S. going nuts?

The technology trend is leaving so many people behind because they don’t want to learn the things that employers are actually looking for. After all, playing video games is so much more fun. They expect employers to teach them, while they are paid, all the things they should have learned in school.

Older people, who have worked hard and saved all their lives, are now supporting their live-at-home adult children.  Just shake their heads and ask “What has the world become?!”